Anne Binder
(Indiana, USA)
by Karen Ter Haar

As a member of the Cyberscribes mailing list, I have had the pleasure and privilege of being acquainted with this remarkable woman for more than four years. Her dynamic enthusiasm for a myriad of projects has been not only very obvious, but phenomenal.

Not content with 'merely' being a human hurricane, Anne's skill as an artist, across many fronts, is a joy and pleasure to behold. A packet or envelope received from Anne Binder generates much excitement, for the recipient 'knows' that treasures will be found inside.

It was not until this year's Days of the Handmade Book 'happening', in South Bend, Indiana, USA, however, that I fully realized just how very special Anne is - as a mover, a shaker, an achiever, an administrator - the mix of artistic creativity and logic-driven organizer is almost as rare as it is special.

The information sent to us by Anne on this magical event, as an aid to our own plans to hold a 'sister-happening' here in Australia, shows unequivocally and dramatically that with Anne Binder, NOTHING is left to chance. Not only are the bases covered, but a full emergency team stands behind every field position 'just in case'!

How Anne can achieve her level of artistry, commit to such enormous endeavours such as frequent DOHB happenings and the Presidency of the ACA, answer e-mail so promptly that it makes your head spin, maintain a house and a family.....well, you thought Martha Stewart was good? Martha, move over! Anne Binder is in town!

Anne Binder's artwork can be seen in the Alphabet Forest on this website.

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