Elaine Witton
(Sydney, Australia)

Elaine, who in her first life was a milliner, studied art and calligraphy
as a mature-age student at TAFE and then completed a B.Ed (Adult).

She is an experienced teacher who enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for calligraphy with her students. Elaine has attended and taught calligraphic courses and workshops in Australia and in Europe.

She participates regularly in exhibitions in Australia and Europe, has had her work published,
won calligraphic awards and judges calligraphy at shows.

Elaine has also gained Guild Membership of the Australian Society of Calligraphers.

Elaine works not only in traditional styles on paper and fabric, but also in various media to create contemporary calligraphic paintings and wearables.
Producing calligraphic art not only gives her the opportunity to create 'free' lettering and calligraphic marks, but also enables her to add other dimensions to her art by incorporating elements not usually related to calligraphy, such as beads and threads.

Elaine particularly likes to explore methods of presenting paper in ways that are usually reserved for fabrics, for example by incorporating machine and hand stitching.
Paper and fabric are often integrated in the same pieces.

Elaine is inspired by the artist Kandinsky who wrote,
"Letters act as practical and useful signs, but also as pure form and inner melody".

Elaine's artwork on this website can be found in her own gallery, the Alphabet Forest
and the International Mail Art Gallery.

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