Howard Wallace
Melbourne, Australia

Howard has been interested in calligraphy for about 12 years.

While living in Sydney he was a member of the Australian Calligraphy Society but found it hard,
because of location, to attend any workshops. Consequently he taught himself the basics
from a variety of useful texts.

After moving to Melbourne in 1994 he became a member of the Calligraphy Society of Victoria
and has been able to endulge his passion for calligraphy in a more serious way.
He has benefited from a number of Society workshops and completed the course For The Love of Letters
taught by Jill Colebatch in 1998.

Howard's love for calligraphy has been enhanced by his work with ancient Semitic manuscripts and inscriptions and his occasional study of the history and development of the alphabet.

Howard teaches biblical studies in a Theological College and tries to make as much time for
calligraphy as possible.

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