Elizabeth Sansom
(by Cecilia)
Melbourne, Australia

Apart from a delightful personality, Liz is one of those ‘quiet achievers’ who gets on with the job and then pops up out of the blue with a beautiful piece of artwork.

Liz completed the two year course For The Love of Letters, run by Jill Colebatch.

In 1996 Liz attended the 3rd Annual Festival of Calligraphy, run by the CLAS in England.
Some of her resulting artwork was published in Postscript after her return.

Liz has been a member of the Calligraphy Society of Victoria for many years and even though she
is a librarian in her day job, she has looked after the Society’s library since at least 1995.

Liz has artwork on this website in the International Mail Art Gallery.

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