Rhonda Davies Ayliffe

The individual style of Rhonda's work perhaps reflects her country background. Without the constant exposure to other artists nearby, and living in a place with the delightful name of Sams Creek, she was bound to be influenced by the natural world around her.

Rhonda pursued her love of art and lettering through correspondence work and long trips to Sydney - 450 kms away. These hard-earned achievements included the Diploma of Western Calligraphy through Chatswood Evening College, the Certificate of Calligraphy with Roehampton and BA & Grad Dip Ed. - all mainly by correspondence! She also plans to tackle the MA/PhD by correspondence.

Rhonda has grabbed the opportunity to study with visiting overseas tutors, including Thomas Ingmire, Margaret Daubney, Susan Hufton, Anne Hechle, and a prolonged study time with Denis Brown in 1995. Rhonda became an ASC Guild Member in 1995 and held her first solo exhibition the following year.

To quote Rhonda "For me calligraphy is more than a craft, more than a process: it is the centre of my artistic journey. Maybe that won't always be the case, but I've a sneaking suspicion that it will.......". Her work reflects, in many delightful ways, the influence of her son Alexander - mothering is obviously a vital and joyful aspect of her life.

(Other samples of Rhonda's artwork can be seen in the International Mail Art Gallery.on this website)

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