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General Inks Binders Colours & Pigments Tools &c

The Karen Collection.

How to Interpret Ink Droppings?

Some Typical Ink Sticks.

Inks for Calligraphic Use.

Fast vs Slow Inks?

Ink Recipes.

Fountain Pen Inks.

To Boku-Undo.

Acrylics (general).

How to make Acrylics look just like "the real thing", such as Egg-Yolk Tempera or as an 'al Fresco'.

Gilding with acrylics.

Technical Info on Acrylics.

Gum Arabic.

Traditional Egg-Yolk Tempera.

Original use of pure pigments.

Where to find them: Sinopia.

Winsor & Newton HQ.

Ink Stones.

Chinese Seals.

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