The Karen Collection
Complied and written by © Claes G Lindblad on January 19, 1998.

The Karen Collection is a very special commission,
a.k.a. Variations in Alphabetical Order or Claesified Letters.
It grew up from a chiding: "envelopes are something which are just thrown away", a certain scribe in Australia said.
I did not agree, and started to retaliate with an envelope depicting a K-dragon in October 1996.
More Claesified Dragons followed...

Those ready so far are underlined - and they are clickable.
The one above is Egbert, Prince at the Court of Ephemera.
Have fun!

Albert * Blackfoot * Cracker * Dragobert * Egbert * Furry * Greeny * Horatius * Indigoferus * Juniperus * Kristoffer * Lily * Mirifique * Nothing Special * Oh, Another One * Pewter * Quaint * Rustic * Swede * Titivillius * Ubert * V * W * X * Y * Z

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