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"Michael Jordan" yesterday officially entered the hall of fame, at the same time about his "tiger" Woods who will be on the first $1000000000 athletes of the world began excitement up. The United States of America Media "CNBC" columnist Darren Lowell today said the author, Jordan will become "the first $1000000000 athletes", Woods, Lebron James, is expected to be followed. The original text is as follows --
This is a discussion about who is the first $one billion athletes. Someone says, Tagore Woods is expected to be the first to reach this height, but his agent Mark Steinberg told us, he did not receive any official statistics. In addition, Lebron James is considered to be the likely followed Woods.
However, at least according to a data, we prove Jordan has more than two people. Now it is hard to say Jordan occupation career so far a total of how much money, but in 2009 was a memorable year, Jordan not only successfully entered the hall of fame, and his Nike brand Air Jordans revenue exceeded $1000000000! This is the first time in 23 years, Nike Company under a single brand with annual revenues of more than 1000000000.
Jordan as a "market Idol" rise is a fantastic story. One from North Carolina, before signing never wore nike shoes for kids, now have their own brand of nike. Off the pitch for six and a half years later, his brand of shoes sales continued to grow, the Air Jordans brand's annual income has accounted for Nike Company a year gross income 5%.
"Jordan Brand has established their own market position, he has an independent team of designers." The United States retail sports market tracking survey firm SportsOneSource analyst Matt Powell says. At present, sports shoes Jordan Brand has accounted for the United States 10.8% of the market, which makes it become the second largest brand in the United States, Adidas, more than two times more sales in america.
At the same time, Woods had with long-term sponsor American Express part company each going his own way, but he is with Nike, Accenture, Buick and Gillette signed a huge endorsement contracts. Last year, Woods signed a five years contract with Gatorade, let him have their own sports drink brand, that he has a wonderful career added a brilliant color.Forbes magazine predicted in July, Woods in 2010 is expected to be a $one billion class regal.
Unlike Woods, Jordan is no longer an athlete, but he really among the first $1000000000 athletes predicted the top is that he obtained from their own brand of huge royalty, he also by assuming the Sherlock Bobcats boss will get good returns. As I have said before, the next Jordan is not Kobe or James, because there is no next jordan.