I must thank Anne Binder for agreeing to allow me to present the
Days of the Handmade Book which was held in Indiana in April 2000.

The Story of How it Came to Be
The Books
Anne Binder
Barbi Striar Disraelly
Betty Steckman
Cheryl Slyter
Eliza Holliday
Gerald Moscato
Glen Epstein
Gundrun Aurand

Julie Harris
Visual Voices
Anne Binder
Annie Cicale
Diana Hutchison
The Gypsy Dance Book
Title Page (Anne Binder)
Anne Binder
Eliza Holliday
Eliza Holliday
Gwen Weaver
Jennifer Grove
The People
The Aftermath
(As reported by those who were there)

Anne Binder (written just prior)
Carolyn Goss
Glen Epstein

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