Back to Earth

by Carolyn Goss

Hi Anne,

Thanks for a great weekend! Where should I start?

The exhibits were great. Visual Voices was my favorite. I thought the caliber of work was impressive. Maybe because I knew more of the artists personally. We saw the Alpha Mark exhibit on slides after the conference so to see the real thing was interesting. The pieces I liked on slides were the ones I thought were strong in person also.

The bookarts was interesting, I find the three dimensional aspect of it all escapes my capabilities but I enjoy being a bystander. We saw the exhibit in Indianapolis on our way back to St. Louis, Pamela Paulsrud’s work was unique. Hearing the talk first was important. As is so often the case, interaction and conversation with the other people was great.

Partying on Sat was fun, thanks for opening your house. The lecture by Bob Kohl was a good intellectual addition. The price at the Marriott great. Lunch and pastries from Chicago great.

I look forward to returning to my studio, though it will be a few weeks. Hope you have recouperated.

sincerely, Carolyn