by Gwen Weaver

Iíve been home barely 24 hours and Iím still walking on air! What a fabulous gathering of artists, poets, speakers, calligraphers, bookbinders, dancers, drummers, ink slingers, thinkers, people who could somehow dance to Love Shack into the wee hours and of course, dish washers!

How Annepersand got everyone together amazes me! The whole weekend was magical. The Exhibits - AlphaMark, Visual Voices, Day of the Handmade Book - an unbelievable collection of calligraphy, fine art and how could I possibly describe the books? I had three days there and couldnít take it all in! Thank goodness for digital cameras! Iím taking my other cameraís film in today!

I read Glenís account and like him - thereís no way to start naming names for fear of leaving one out - and anyway - the gathering was much more important than the individuals! The collaborative book was just stunning - and here I do have to mention the bookbinder - Sylvia Godsey and the box maker - Cheryl Slyter. What they put together in just hours was incredible. I was just sure that I would win the book in the raffle but sadly - sob - I didnít! Maureen who did win it must be thrilled!

Anne - we need to talk.........after I did all those dishes......... The weekend started with Anne presenting Cheryl and me a basket filled with dish towels, dish soap - Dawn as requested - hand lotion (so thoughtful) and two grapefruit spoons! The moral? Donít EVER offer to do ANYTHING - Anne will take you up on it! What was I thinking?

Gwen (Virginia Beach - still smiling - and will be for a very long time with the memories!)