by Jill Renae

WOW! Does that cover it? I started yesterday at the tables of books. Journals, historical and family records, poetry......a visual feast!

The books had such variety! Teri Martin's paste paper Reflections was beautiful, and her Tyvek book was incredible to see in 'real life'. Kaz's marbling book was awesome and I loved the alphabet book with the cut-out marbled letters. Betty Steckman's screen door book, Virginia Meltzer's animal alphabet, Wilma's stamp collection, Gwen's purple and blue handmade paper with Arcey's original words..........I could go on and on!

I was glad to see Kate's twigs arrived intact and was thrilled to listen to the music she listened to while she created such beauty. The demos in the afternoon were wonderful......Steven Skaggs at one point had half adozen kids Jazz Writing, and paste paper was a big hit!

Cheryl Slyter and Sylvia Godsey were putting together the awesome book and box.....I hope they draw my name in the raffle! It will be a priceless treasure when completed! Glen Epstein showed a six minute mutimedia show highlighting his 'Waltzing Matilda' while the song was sung. It left everyone with goosebumps! But the best part of the day was all the cyberscribes that I finally got to meet in person. What a fun day!
Jill (back in Michigan and suffering from visual overload!)