Welcome to The Dragons' Cave

The following Alphabet Collection was created by Claes G Lindblad of the Scriptorium Lundensis (Sweden)
and he has kindly given permission for these dragons to be displayed here.
The originals of these dragons are held in Melbourne, and are known by Claes as "The Karen Collection"

It should also be mentioned that these images have been greatly magnified ,
which surely indicates the exquisite quality of Claes' work.

Calligraphic Dragons

12. Gilded Dragon - Deanna Jay Chu Nim
11. Medle Not - Lynette Burlison
10. Danny The Dragon - Michalina Bramley
9. Dragon's Egg - Melissa Dinwiddie
8. Lost & Found - Judie Roberts

7. Dragon Tears - Shelley Davies
6. The Eye of the Dragon - Karen Ter Haar
5. Mystic Times - Cecilia
4. The Dragon Within - Karen Ter Haar
3. Dragon Birth - Flexigon Book - Joanne Chynoweth
2. Dragons at Play - Karen Ter Haar
1. Red Dragon  - Catherine Whiteman (Tiggy)  

Other Dragons

Frilled Dragon Lizard
by Collene Kalb

Dragon Stamp
by Karen Ter Haar

Terra Cotta Dragon
by Anna Ashton

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