Jo Lester

by Cecilia

I try to persuade each artist to write their own profile as I do not know them all equally. However, I feel I must make an exception for Jo as there is no way she is going to find time to either write a profile or to supply the correct titles and descriptive notes for these works of art. When I was last speaking to Jo she was juggling her daytime hours milking cows, raising calves, mending fences, digging out thistles, feeding her children, trying to do her Versals homework and numerous other activities.

Jo has been producing her exciting creative work for many years now and is a prolific prize winner for her efforts. The years she spent in Japan a while ago do appear to have left their mark. I have always been surprised with each new work that Jo produces as her brain seems to grasp such a variety of threads from which to weave her magic. Perhaps it's all due to the country air (or is it the thistle digging?)

Jo has not even had the chance to view the work which I have put into her gallery and, trusting soul that she is, has told me to go ahead and invite you to see it now - the notes will be added at a later date.


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