Mail Art Gallery - Envelopes Only
You are invited to send envelopes for possible inclusion in this gallery.

All artwork must be that of the sender and free of third party additions
(stamping, stickers etc.)
Mail your envelopes to:
Cecilia Sharpley, 33 Chum Creek Road, Healesville, Victoria, Australia
1. Bev Waring Australia
2. Gemma Black, Canberra, Australia
3. Unknown as yet! Australia
4. Unknown Australia
5. Gemma Black, Canberra, Australia
6. Unknown, Australia
7. Gemma Black, Canberra, Australia
8. Jo Lester, Leongatha, Australia
9. Margaret Pasquill, Geelong, Australia
10. Glen Epstein, Iowa, USA
11. Bill Lilly, Ohio, USA

12. Bill Lilly, Ohio, USA
13. Bill Lilly, Ohio, USA
14. Leslie Kane, Iowa, USA
15. Anne Binder, Indiana, USA
16. Maria Hlios, Balwyn, Australia
17. Jeanine Sold, Moselle, France
18. Rhonda Davies Ayliffe, NSW, Australia
19. Rhonda Davies Ayliffe, NSW, Australia
20. Elaine Witton, NSW, Australia

21. Lorraine Blasor, San Juan, Puerto Rico
22. Liza Spence, Charlestown, Australia


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