............and Finally
Phyllis Petersen, from NC, USA, sent one of her exquisite booklaces for each of the three tutors and Collene. My booklace (Cecilia) had covers made from photos of my new garden, which Phyllis took from my other website www.duckpond-design.com.au/theduckpond. This beautiful little miniature book is now one of my most treasured possessions.

Deborah Segaert came to take photos of Cecilia (aka The Ace!) demonstrating Suminagashi Marbling for an upcoming article in the Australian Paper Arts magazine.

Deborah was so impressed by everything else that was going on at the same time that she took heaps more photos so that the magazine can also do a feature on the MAPs Conference also.

Cecilia borrowed her daughter Heidi's suitcase and, as Heidi is always grumbling
about how many big black cases roll around the baggage carousels at airports,
the MAPs team, with Collene and her students' help, gave the suitcase it's own unique identity.

Perhaps Heidi now has to worry that her splendid suitcase might be preferred
by someone else who'd happily swap it for their own plain old black one!

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