Artist Book Exhibition

Presented by Papermakers of Victoria Inc.,
initially at Artisan Books, Fitzroy,
and then at Geelong Grammar School

Photographs by Ian Moorhouse

Participating Artists

1. Alex Sutherland
2. Alex Sutherland
3. Anne Bennett
Garden Fundamentals Volume 1:
It's All Black and White
4. Anne Lord
5. Anne-Maree Hunter
6. Anne-Maree Hunter
Night and Day, Day and Night
7. Anne Marie Power
Commonalities I
8. Anne Marie Power
Commonalities II
9. Anne McNeill
Coupon ( A Saver Book)
10. Anne McNeill
Decked (A Card of a Book)
11. Anne Spudvilas
Family Album
12. Ann Sturmey
Domino Effect 1 - Negative
13. Ann Marie Yee
Lis With Hair
14. Barb Adams
Looking Back to 8 and 88
15. Barb Adams
Not Everything
16. Beatrix Mapalagama
17. Beth Evans
Dressed To Kill Circa 1860
18. Caren Florance
Inconsolable Jubilation
19. Diane Kelly
Latitude Longitude
20. Diane Kelly
Mont Blanc
21. Dianne Longley
Curious & Fantastic Creatures
22. Dorothy Simpson
Black On/Off White
23. Gail Stiffe
Dark Side of the Rose
24. Gail Stiffe
Shades of Grey
25. Helen Best
Sketch Book From Spain
26. Helen Malone
Oh What a Tangled
Web We Weave
27. Helen McPherson
Black and White
& Shades of Grey
28. Jane Schauer
Black and White:
Memories of a Failed Marriage
29. Jenny Kitchener
30. Katherine Nix
High Country
31. Kerry Blake
32. Lindy Yeates
Woomera: Not So Black and White
33. Lyn Dickson
Pathways of Nature
34. Lyn Dickson
Sew 'n' Sew
35. Lynne Fellowes
Drawing On Nature's Lines
36. Lynne Fellowes
White Australia's Black History
37. Margaret Mason
38. Marianne Little
39. Marianne Little
Living - Space
40. Molly Coy
41. Nicholas Heath
Private Pictures
42. Ollia Parkinson
Dark Fragments
43. Pamela Hedley
From Vat to Black & White I
44. Prue Hutton
A Bit on the Side
45. Rae Cummings
Not Only But Also
46. Sabine Pierard
47. Thea Laidlaw
48. Valda Quick
The Faceless Typeface
49. Yunhi Mook
and Molly Coy
From Loneliness To Solitude

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