Concertina and bi-pamphlet fold booklet.
Gouache, collage (photographs of 'when' panels) on Arches Velin and
tracing 'vellum' paper with hand beaded covers.
A booklet form of the large 'When' work (below)

Twelve panels - machine quilted, hand beaded on satin with stencilled acrylic gouache lettering. The panels chronicle the development of new life from single fertilised cell to morula,
implantation to embryo, foetus to full-term.
The stencilled lettering on each panel asks "NOW?"
and refers to ethical and medical debates such as:

When do we call it 'life'?
When is experimentation on cells/embryo questionable?
When is independent life viable?
When is abortion morally questionable?
When do the rights of the unborn outweigh the rights of the mother?

The work is deliberately executed in textiles as reference to 'women's work'
and the domestic sphere, to reinforce the importance of women's consideration
and participation in the debate over these questions