Shelley was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1963 and began dipping the pen in 1992.
In 1994 she started teaching and also joined the Calligraphy Society of Victoria.
Although having no ‘art background’ Shelley won the Champion award with four top places at the Dandenong Agricultural & Pastoral Show in 1996.
The following year saw Shelley win 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the Dandenong Show, 2nd place
at the Royal Melbourne Show and attend workshops in the USA.
Her current Top Ten list of likes and dislikes runs as follows:-



1. Honest people
2. Playing with pens/pointed brush
3. Hippie clothes
4. Her family
5. Flowers
6. Reading and fishing
7. Getting away from the 'burbs
8. Spring
9. Guinea Pigs
10. Bourbon

1. Blackberry bushes
2. Ruling guidelines
3. Anything compulsory
4. Washing paint palettes
5. Confusion/indecision
6. Me (this week)
7. Snails in the letter box
8. Writing letters
9. Leeches and caterpillars
10. Checking the dog kennel for snakes

What REALLY makes her cross!
When her car gets towed away because there’s something wrong with it -
only to be told later by the mechanic that it was out of gas!

(Shelley can be contacted c/- Cecilia by email)

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