by Cecilia

(This is a very sad but true story)

Chapter One

Once Upon a Time there was a very beautiful forest, where people fortunate enough to live nearby, brought their children and dogs of all shapes and sizes, to enjoy the treasures that the forest had to offer.

It was a truly a magic forest, as those who had created this forest would hide special gifts, to be found by the people who walked there, and who took the time to notice such things.

On a winter day the hidden gift may be the whispy, mysterious fog, or the rain running in shiny torrents down the bark of the pine trees. Spring and summer may reveal the yellow dandelions, with their bright, yellow faces or their little delicate time clocks which could be blown away on a puff of breath to make quite sure that their seeds would spread, and more dandelions could grow and be enjoyed by those who had not yet discovered this magic place.

But, with the passing of autumn, the whispering of the wind in the trees gently told those who had already witnessed the passing of the seasons in this glade, that it was almost time for the most beautiful gift of all to be offered by the keeper of the forest........

It was the time of the toadstool.......

and those who looked carefully among the pine needles might see
the first tiny toadstool shyly emerging through the carpet of pine needles.

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