Annual Exhibition
2004 (until April 2005)

The Seven Main Alphabets

Part 5 'Gothic letter' and

Part 6 'Blackletter' (in German: Fraktur)



24 April - 20 June 2004

Jean Larcher (France) and Leopold Feichtinger (Austria) - founder of the museum

Jean Larcher was born in Rennes/France in 1947 and studied typography in Paris from 1962 to 1965.

Since 1974 he has worked as an independent calligrapher and typographer, published thirteen books, and had a number of exhibitions all over the world. He has taught calligraphy in several European countries, in USA and Australia.

The Pettenbach-exhibtion of Jean Larcher is dealing with the twenty-six letters of our alphabet. Jean shows us how to draw or write them with different tools as pen, brush, or felt-pen in both historical and experimeterial form. Is it possible to alter the letters without impairing their legiblity? Do the lettters produce the same impression whether they were written, drawn, painted or engraved? These and other questions Jean Larcher asks himself and tries to answer them. This exhibtion is an answer. With his original calligraphies he shows us the nearly endless possibilities of creating with the twenty-six latin letters.

Leopold Feichtinger was born 1919 in Pettenbach, died there in December 1993 and was nearly always living in his home village. He first came into contact with calligraphy during WWII. First it was only a hobby for him, but after a bad working accident (as a mason) he studied calligraphy with the help of the well-known artist Friedrich Neugebauer. Feichtinger was not only a calligrapher. He has designed about 400 sgrafittos and about 200 exlibris as wood- or steelcut.

The museum in Pettenbach - the first and only museum for calligraphy in Austria - is the great final work of his life (it is his own farmhouse he has given for it) and a living monument for him.-----

Mitterndorf 99 A-4643 Pettenbach
Sat 2.00-5.00pm
Sundays & Public Holidays: 10.00-12.00 noon

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