Melissa Dinwiddie
(California, USA)

A former dancer, Melissa Dinwiddie started making art and letters in 1995 as a way to procrastinate from what she was supposed to be doing at the time. She now works full-time as a freelance artist, designer, and itinerant teacher, and has found other ways to procrastinate.

Melissašs commercial work runs the gamut from illuminated manuscripts to corporate identity and web design. Her original calligraphic works and artists' books have been exhibited both locally and internationally, garnering a number of honors and awards. Her work has been published in Letter Arts Review (summer 2001), Tabellae Ansata (spring 1999), and Wedding Calligraphy (Rockport Publishers, forthcoming fall 2001). Melissa lives with her cat in the San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley). When not at her drafting table or computer, Melissa can be found playing her guitar, or dangling from a trapeze at the nearest circus school.

Melissa's artwork can be seen in the Dragons' Cave.

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