This gallery is intended to display work from calligraphers all over the world.

I firmly believe that with the convenience of computerised lettering,
the younger generations must be encouraged to discover the joy of using hand lettering as an art form.

Please read the requirements if you would like to submit artwork for this gallery.

Here are the first submissions in the International Mail Art Gallery.
The latest images will be added to the top of the list.
You may follow the numbered links on each page to take you through this section.

1. Karen Ter Haar Vic, Australia
William A (Bill) Lilly Ohio, USA
Gemma Black ACT, Australia
Heather Courtis NSW, Australia
5. Katie McKulla New Jersey, USA

6. Donna Whitman - (Two) Vermont, USA

7. Donna Whitman - (One) Vermont, USA
8. Elaine Witton - NSW, Australia
9. Elizabeth Sansom - Vic, Australia
10. Aja Coutinho - Texel, Holland

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