Calligraphers and Lettering Artists are invited to submit addressed envelopes
for possible selection to this gallery.
The envelope is to be addressed to:
Cecilia Sharpley (last name may be omitted if you prefer)
33 Chum Creek Road
Victoria Australia
Inside the envelope is to be matching piece of original art work
of a size which can be inserted into the envelope without being folded.
This will allow the envelope and artwork to be shown on the same screen
without any/with minimal scrolling.

1. Please make the emphasis on the LETTERING to convey the theme of your envelope and artwork, preferably without illustration or with minimal/stylised illustration.
2. The internal artwork must tie in with the envelope in some way.
3. Your choice of paper and medium.
4. Stamps to be used for postage if possible.
5. Can be sent through the normal mail system or enclosed in another envelope for protection.
6. No stamping unless the stamp has been made by the artist.
7. Absolutely no stickers of any kind.
8. Enclose details of any information about the artist to be shown on the page with the artwork, including email address and hot link to their website if applicable.
9. There is no closing date - this is an immediate, continuing and expanding project.
10. Artwork will not be returned, but will be mounted appropriately in such a way that it can be made available for exhibitions and teaching purposes.
11. Space restrictions on the server (plus time required to scan and set up pages) will not allow ALL artwork to be displayed on the website if there is a deluge of submissions, and some selection may have to be applied.
12. There is no limit to the number of submissions you can make.

Please contact me if you can think of any points not covered.

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