18 August 1941 - 19 January 1996
About Vernon Cole

There are certain beings who cross our paths and leave us thankful that we were fortunate enough to know them. So it was with Vernon. I was enchanted by his love of words and his playful and clever way of putting them together. I loved his wit and his never-ending search for yet another whimsical pun. His self-taught lettering showed great knowledge and love of the history of letterforms. But maybe more than anything, I loved his genuine astonishment that anyone else should find his work worthy of a second glance! His life was far too short. This gallery is my tribute to an extraordinary and creative man, and I thank his wife Ros for giving me permission to share his work with you all. (Cecilia)
As well as making prints of Vernon's work available,

Ros Cole has now (2011) collated Vernon's artwork into a book
which is available directly from her - email

Black & White Artwork

Colour Artwork

Letters from Vernon

Vernon's Eulogy
Vernon wrote of himself
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